You can now prepare online (using Zoom) for your TEA test with an experienced Mayflower College Aviation English teacher. These 2 x 90-minute sessions are not primarily designed to improve your English. They are designed however to: Make you familiar with the format of the TEA exam. Give you the opportunity to practise the types of tasks you need to perform in the TEA exam. Give you the opportunity to listen to other candidates’ responses and understand why they were strong or weak. Give you written and spoken feedback on how you might improve your English generally, through further training. You will be emailed preparation tasks which you will need to complete before each Zoom session.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the technical requirements? You will of course need a good internet connection (ideally 1mb or greater - check your connection speed at and headset with microphone. Will we use a webcam? Yes, if the internet connection is fast enough. If not the sessions will be conducted using only audio. When will the sessions take place? After you have registered we will contact you in order to arrange a mutually-convenient schedule of dates and times. Sessions will normally be conducted between 09.00h and 17.00h (UK time), Monday to Friday. What is the cost? £220 GBP (approximately USD 270 or EUR 250). This fee includes: . This fee includes: the 2 x 90-minute sessions with an experienced Aviation English trainer the preparation tasks which will be emailed to you before each session feedback on your performance and advice how to improve How do I register? Complete the registration form here How do I pay? You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or Paypal by clicking the ‘PAY NOW’ button